Thursday, February 21, 2013


How about a formal introduction? I did one of these a long time ago, but really, it sucked so.. take two?

This is Cooper and I.  I am twenty-two, he is seven months old. I am into dressing us cute and being outdoors and he is into eating, spitting up, and screaming at the top of his lungs.  We make a great pair, us two.

I am a single mama to this sweet little guy and quite possibly an awkward blogger, I'm trying to figure out my place here.  I'm not the twenty-two year old blogger who is writing about traveling, dates, beer, and the single life. I'm also not the mama blogger with the perfect house, husband, baby, and job.  I write about the hardships we have had recently and about the things were not supposed to talk about, like money, breastfeeding, and baby-daddy drama.  

It's kinda weird and it's kinda fun, so I think you should stay and take a look around.  

If you dig around in my archives you will find my love story -- it is null and void.  There is probably a lot of stuff in there that no longer applies but they were an important season in my life, so they get to stay... congratulations to them. 

I recently started an Etsy shop {LouLou Made} that you can find HERE! My goal is to survive this single mom thing and my fingers are crossed that this Etsy shop is the answer. While were at it LouLou Made has a Facebook page, be so kind as to "like" it? You can find that HERE! As the business grows giveaways will be hosted and we all know those are fun. 

I have big plans to travel, fall in love, get married, have more kids, graduate from UGA (I'm almost there!), and eventually become a lawyer but as I've learned, it's all in Gods timing (and hopefully won't go in that order). 

Oh and I also write a letter to Cooper each week.  It probably won't appeal to you, but hey, this is really just a life journal, my life journal, and since my life revolves around Cooper that's what you'll see the most of! 

Olivia... or Libby as I'm more commonly called.

You can reach me here:
olivia.booska (at) gmail (dot) com
I love emails and chatting!

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