Thursday, February 21, 2013



There is this rule that seems to exist in these parts about things we can and can't talk about.  I obeyed the rule for a long time.  I blogged about things like my love story, my pregnancy each week, and cute dogs.. or something like that.  One particularly hard day I decided not to hide anymore.  I spilled a bit about the troubles between Frank and I, I confided in this online journal.  Not to get pity, not to get advice, but rather, just to vent.  It felt good to get it out.  I like putting things down with pen on paper, but I like typing it out too, maybe even more so, some days.  From that point on I've shared a little more and more about the hardships, the bad days, and things of the like.  I haven't put it all out there, how could I? It's so much.  I've been working on putting my fears out, my hopes for Coopers life, my dreams, my goals, and most importantly, my stories.  

We all have stories and I'm finding it more and more important that we share them.  There is so much "beating on" that happens in life -- tearing each other down -- being unsupportive -- being jealous.  I think sharing stories gives others an opportunity to relate to you on a deeper level than the one you're probably currently on.  Yes, it is wonderful that we can relate to fellow bloggers about fashion and the fact that we both have seven month old boys but imagine how much better it would be if we could confide in the fact that we've been emotionally abused, had extreme difficulties breastfeeding, or even something like feeling lonely because we don't have very many friends anymore.  

I don't want to blog with restraints anymore.  I'm ready to make true connections, new friends.  

I've got a post that's been in my drafts for a few weeks now, I'll be posting it within the next couple of days.  It makes me feel vulnerable just thinking about it.  It's the right thing to do though. 


  1. I welcome a healthy dose of reality injected into blogging. I think we are most often inclined to just share the good (maybe because that's what we mainly want to remember), but with blogging, it sometimes comes off as everything being "perfect." We know that no one is perfect, though. And its nice to know that others are going through the same things... as we often are. Happy to discover your corner. =) Meryl

    1. So happy to have you here! When I came across your blog I was completely intrigued! How lucky your kiddos are to experience such awesome things at such a young age! I agree with you about documenting the good times, that was my original goal but then life slipped in :) Happy Friday!

  2. I broke the rules yesterday and it felt good. I feel like when I focus on all the good stuff all the time, it may come off as unrealistic because... well, life isn't always butterflies. Can't appreciate the good without the bad right? :)

  3. You are just awesome :) So often the voice of authenticity gets buried under blogger protocol. It takes real guts to share the things that are difficult, the questions that are left unanswered, the situations that are less than perfect. But when we share our stories, that's when real bonds are formed. Hats off to you for setting an example for us all!