Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dear Cooper // Week 29

Mama's baby. Most precious boy. Sweetest pumpkin. 

I'm liking keeping these short and sweet, it captures how I'm feeling better, lately. 

We're working on saying "Mama."  All day long you'll hear me saying "mamamamamama", "MaaaaaMa", "Muma", "pleeeease say MAMA!" And you smile at me.  You smile so big, like you can say it but are choosing not to.  I am longing for the day, to hear that sweet little voice of yours call for me will make my heart sing.

We're taking millions of pictures, of course.  You're rolling around like it's your job (crawling just might be right around the corner!).  Your favorite toy is your dancing learn and play dog.  Your favorite food is strawberries and bananas.  If I lay you down in the bath you pull yourself forward and get mad, telling me to sit you up! You are showing your little personality more and more each day: quickly throwing your toys off your highchair and laughing, sealing your lips shut so tight when you decide you're done eating, and screaming when I do something you don't like.  You're going to be a feisty one. 

I was finally able to put you in some of your size six months pants this week (praise the Lord!), I bought you 15+ pairs of nice pants and was going to be so sad if you never got to wear them.  They're a little big but at the rate you're eating they will be fitting in no time! 

You're full of love.  You're happy.  You're sleeping good and loving your crib.

I love you more than ever.

Mama (Maaaaama)(MAMA!)


  1. gah he is so sweet. Matthew said mama for the first time the other day. literally melted my heart and i caught it on video. its the best feeling ever!! Keep doing what your doing, thats exactly what I was doing!! and he finally did it!! he used to smile and act like he knew but he just didnt want to say it haha

  2. Is it possible that he gets more adorable in every picture?!?

  3. I definitely was showing off pictures of him while I was in Mammoth this weekend :)

    He's a cute one, that little booger (pun intended ;) )