Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dear Cooper // Week 30

THIRTY WEEKS OLD. This seems monumental.


It is amazing the love that you feel for your baby the instant that you find out you're pregnant, you wonder if it's even possible to love any more than you already do.  Your baby is born and your heart stops, you've laid eyes on the greatest gift of all and you feel like you've outdone yourself, you can't love more than THIS, can you?  But as each hour, day and week passes your love grows (sometimes it happens so quickly and it seems like you can literally feel your heart swelling) and it amazes you each and every time. At thirty weeks old I feel like there is just no way my love could grow anymore but amazingly, it will.

What have these thirty weeks bought us?  A little baby who did nothing but cry and nurse for about four months straight.  A little baby who all of the sudden got big and started sleeping in his crib.  A little big baby who decided that rolling over wasn't enough and he was going to sit up, too!  A little big baby who decided it was time to eat "solids" and who has been doing just that for the past month wonderfully.

What have these thirty weeks taught us? I should say me because it is just you and I.  They have taught me that motherhood is challenging, but also the most rewarding thing as well.  They have taught me that my heart now lives outside of me, not on my sleeve, but besides me, a whole separate being.  They have taught me that time is more precious than ever and also passes more quickly than it ever has before.  These thirty weeks have taught me that I couldn't live a day without you and that I never want to ever miss out on a day of your life.  I have dedicated every waking second of every day to you and I want to continue to do so for the rest of my life.


This week you have jumped a lot, you have laughed at me making a baby doll "jumpy jumpy!" like we like to say and do, you have decided that dinner time is chow down time and chow down you do, you still like to eat solids for breakfast but its more of a game than anything, you like to roll all the way across the living room and have even decided that sleeping on your back is not for you anymore (Mama disagrees so back to your back you go several times a night).  Week thirty has brought the hugest transformation in you ( I MEAN, YOU LIKE YOUR SWING! THIS IS HUGE!).


Gosh I love you.


Thank you for the being so amazing, for knowing who I am, for reaching out to me anytime I'm not holding you, for rubbing your face into my shoulder when you're sleepy and ready to nurse, for smacking your lips to imitate giving a kiss, for showing your personality (which I just know is going to be strong!), and for loving me so much.  Being your Mama is the best.

Happy thirty weeks sweetest boy alive!


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  1. I always wake up to Matthew on his tummy!! I'm a tummy sleeper so I can't blame him, but being paranoid like me I always flip him over haha.