Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dear Cooper // Week 31

(I never wanted to get behind on these so there will be two letters to my little guy this week! Last week he was 31 weeks old and this week he is 32 weeks old!)

My handsome boy.

Wow are you changing quickly these days.  I can hardly believe all that you are doing now.
I'm feeling overly sensitive and sentimental about your life tonight.  You're so amazing, how could I not feel this way?

You're laughing so easily these days.  Prior to this week it took a little bit of effort (read: crazy noises and faces from mama) to get a big laugh out of you but now it happens when I least expect it.  You rolled over super quick and caught me off guard one day this week and I said "woah buddy!" and you just looked at me and laughed like I was the funniest thing ever.  How precious this is.  I often wonder if my heart can handle what is to come.  I joke about cuteness overload, but really... 

You're trying to pull up when you're in your little "house"/"activity garden" and it makes me incredibly nervous.  Why are we already pulling up on things!? Where are your teeth? When will you crawl? I truly don't care because I don't want to rush anything.  You're chewing on any and every thing lately so I feel like teeth can't be too far out.  I wonder so much about you.

I wonder tonight what mark you will leave on this world.  You're bright and beautiful and when I look into your eyes I can see your soul.  It's the truth.  You're so pure and there is so much goodness in you.  

I love our routine, your schedule, your ease about so many things now.  

I love the effort you put behind screaming, trying to sit up, getting excited, jumping, eating, and playing.  I think you are going to be adventurous.  I think you are going to be fun, the guy that everyone wants to be around.

I can't tell you what these past seven months have been for me.  What this past week has been for me.  I can't accurately describe the joy that you bring me.  One of my favorite reoccurring moments these days is when we rock and nurse before your two naps each day and before your bedtime each night.  Cradling you in my arms is heavenly.  Sometimes I silently cry as I nestle you tight and nourish your body, how amazing is this thing we're doing.  I'm so proud of us.

Every week is great, you know that.  Some leave bigger marks on my heart than others but there is no doubt, my life goes on through you.  My heart is beating outside of my body now.  

You're eating good, screaming good, rolling good, doing bath time good, riding in the car good, letting Payton be rough with you, sitting up good, trying to stand up good, refusing to try to crawl good, giving kisses good, squeezing my neck good, going for walks good, and sleeping (pretty) good.  You're good, so so good. 

I love you more than ever.


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