Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dear Cooper // Week 32

Cooper James,

Littlest ball of energy that you are, rolling frantically across the room, jumping so hard I'm afraid you might jump right out of your jumper, trying with all of your might to pull up on anything in front of you, and now even scooting yourself backwards!

In the thirty second week of your life I noticed a big change in your voice and your "talking."  You are much louder now.  I've known about the vocals you've had for awhile now because of your earth shattering scream, but you've always "talked" in a little voice, until now.  You are saying something that sounds like "ga ga gaba ga da da" and I think it is you trying to say "mama!" since we've been working on it so much.

I walked in your room this morning (technically your 33rd week of life!) after I heard you were awake from your morning nap and as soon as you heard the door open you said "hey!" I can't even tell you what that did for my heart.   You are really communicating with me now and it is so exciting.

I think you will be crawling (tear!) within the next few weeks.  

I know you have been in an intense growth spurt.

I hope you know how much I love you.

I pray that you will have the kindest, purest soul as you grow.

You don't like butternut squash, or banana's and squash, or spinach and potato's.

You love balls, apples, sitting up in the bathtub, and newly, Baby Einstein!

You're still in size two diapers but finally growing too tall for size 3-6 month pants.

You have the BEST pouty face.  Seriously, this mama is in for some guilt tripping, this much I know.

I love you so much. I'm trying so hard right now to be the brightest and happiest mama that I can be for you.  We are going to get through this hard, hard time.  

I love you more than ever.



  1. your son is so adorable! cuteness overload! your letters to him are so sweet and I'm sure he will love them when he is older.

  2. lol what a cutie!! Matthew always sits up on the changing pad, totally freaks me out haha!!