Sunday, February 17, 2013



I feel like I don't write about you enough, Payton.  Considering the amount of time that I spend with you and think about you, I should definitely be writing about you more.  Do you know what you mean to me? You are the first baby that I ever held just an hour after being born.  You are the first baby that stole my heart in a way I didn't know possible.  You rocked my earth, sweet girl.

You're big now.  So big.  You are just about sixteen months old, which has my head spinning.  You're running around, falling everywhere, "shaking it off", always wanting to go "bye bye" and to "eat, eat, eat, eat, eat!", saying "hey, hey, hi!" as soon as your mama answers her phone, saying literally any word we ask you to say, going "cheeeese" for the camera, saying "thank you" when someone gives you something, saying "thank you" when you take something from someone, saying "bless you" when you or someone else sneezes, and all around being the greatest little niece I could ever ask for.

I think back to when I found out your mama was pregnant.  WHAT A NIGHT.  I could have never imagined that things would turn out like they have, it's all Gods doing.  Your purpose on this earth is so present, so strong.  You're our girl and we love you so.

I'm excited about the bond that you and Cooper are forming.  I have a good feeling about the relationship that you two are going to have.  With Cooper being so little and you being so big, I can imagine there will be some bossing around going on.  I hope that you will act like a big sister to my Cooper.  I hope you will protect him, show him the ropes, love him like a brother, and be there for him.

It seems like I'm jumping the gun a bit talking about these things but they're on my mind, and time goes so quickly, it's best to get them down.  I never want to forget the way you are right now, I hardly remember you as a baby and it kills me to think that.

A little story:  Each morning I would get up extra early, like four o'clock early, and go and get you out of your bed and hold you on the couch for at least two hours before I had to get ready for school.  I did this for a few months, until you got bigger and picking you up out of your bed and keeping you asleep wasn't an option. You would just sleep on me, I would just kiss your little head and sometimes even cry.  You're so perfect, how could I not? I will cherish those moments for ever.

No, you are not my baby but I can say with every ounce of my hear that I love you like you are.  We're closer than most aunts and nieces and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love you Princess!

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