Monday, February 11, 2013


I'm really great at taking pictures of Cooper. I'm really bad at taking pictures of the things we do.

We do things though, we do!

+ We go shopping (Cooper loves to go out and about!)

+ We have play dates with Kelsy and Addi at least twice a week

+ We have Ally, Zack and Payton over for dinner

+ Typically once a weekend we get our whole group together to grill out and hangout

+ We take daily walks around our neighborhood

+ We go to Johnny's every Friday for lunch with my sister, niece, mom, aunt, and uncle

+ We babysit

+ We go to the park

We have fun! Cooper likes to stay busy, so busy we stay.  Aside from his naps we are always on the go, either at home or around town.  Cooper loves to jump, to roll around the floor, to be in his stroller, to ride in the car, and to be around people (just like his mama!).  

What fun things do you and your littles do? Or if you don't have littles, what fun things do YOU do?

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