Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dear Cooper // Week 36

I never formally announced it, but you are MOBILE.  Like really mobile.  You will be full-fledged crawling by the end of the week, I am certain.  You see what you want and you push your little legs and lunge yourself forward until you get to it. It's quite impressive, you have always had strong legs though.

This past week you have been..umm... a bit of a handful.  I've come to the conclusion that you MUST have a tooth trying to pop through, I can think of no other explanation for this lack of sleep, constant screaming, and more-so-than-usual attachment to me (I can't leave the room without an intense meltdown).  

You went to the laundry mat for the first and second time of your life (milestone? ;]) and you are completely fascinated by the clothes spinning around and around.  

You wore shoes and shorts for the first time and it was so cute I could hardly stand it.  You're so adorable, J! 

You give me kisses when I say "kiss Mama!"  You lunge at me with your mouth wide open and smile proudly after I say "thank you sooo much!!" Makes me yearn for you so badly as I'm trying this and you're asleep in your crib.  I crave your smiles and squinty eyes. 

Outside is where you want to be always, if you're especially grumpy and can't be calmed, I just open the front door and you're instantly calm.  I love this about you.  I see a lot of adventures in our future.

You're my whole world Cooper James.  It's all for you, baby.

I love you more than ever.


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