Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dear Cooper // Weeks 33+34 // 8 Months Old

Sweet Boy!

Mama is not going to be combining weeks like this ever again, but I can't seem to stay on top of it so it's happening this week.

I'm realizing more and more each day how quickly my baby is slipping away.  When I look at pictures from even just last month it is so evident that your "baby look" is almost gone.  You look like such a big boy, at only eight months old.  Yes, you turned EIGHT months old yesterday! Where is the time going?

Standing, rolling, eating, saying "ba bab ba ba", nursing, laughing, smiling, screaming, and swinging is what you're doing at this point.  If it's not one of those things, it's another!

You are attached to me like I didn't know anyone would ever be.  Your eyes always have to be on me. If I'm right near you, you want me holding you.  When I walk in the door from school you kick your legs with excitement so hard and smile so big it melts my heart.  You are so sensitive, it is really so sweet.  Loud noises send your bottom lip way out and make you whimper and reach for me.  It takes you a little while to recover, so adorable.

We're having a lot of fun these days with all of your new talents!

Last week you attended your first viewing and funeral, Kelsy's nana passed away.  This week your great-grandpa Howard passed away.  We've been eating out a lot these past few weeks it seems and you have gotten better and better about sitting in the highchair!  You love to eat your puffs while your waiting for Mama to get done eating.

Speaking of eating, you are still eating two meals a day, breakfast and dinner, and nursing the rest of the day.  You do not like green or orange vegetables if they are not mixed in with fruit (I don't blame you!) and you absolutely love fruit.  Meal time is an exciting time for you!

We got your pictures back that we had made of you a few weeks ago and they are gorgeous, of course! You sure are one handsome baby boy.

I can't believe you will have been out of me just as long as you were inside of me in a few short weeks.

I love your more than ever.


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  1. He is so expressive and SO happy. Such a sweet note to your little man. I know what you mean about the baby time slipping away. Preserve it the best you can with lots of pictures and recaps, just like you're doing!!