Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I worked insanely hard to get Cooper on a good schedule.  I read, read, read while I was pregnant and spoke to any parent that would talk to me about what I needed to do with Cooper to make life as easy as possible, and I was always told put him on a schedule.  So I did.

The first four months of his life we had no schedule except for bedtime, that's always been pretty consistent.  During the day it was all-goes though.  Cooper nursed non-stop, I was so tired, he would only nap in my arms, I could only get him to sleep by bouncing him forever, etc.  It was so hard.  At four months I decided that we needed to utilize our crib.  Cooper was waking up 10+ times a night to eat because it was right there for him and I knew it was not good for me or him.

I started with a nighttime routine and I think that is what I have to thank for our days forming a routine as well.  I remember thinking, how do you get your baby on a two/three naps a day schedule, for us it just happened!


7:45 - Wake up, nurse, I take a shower while Cooper sits in the bouncer and watches Baby Einstein, get Cooper dressed for the day.

8:30-9:00 - Feed Cooper breakfast, typically organic peach oatmeal banana (Earths Best Organic).

9:14-10:15 - Play, play, play. Or run errands.

10:15 - Nurse and rock Cooper, put him in his bed.

10:30-12:15 - Cooper sleeps, school work and housework for me.

12:15-3:15 - Play, run errands, go for a walk.

3:15- Nurse and rock Cooper, put him in his bed.

3:30-4:45- Cooper sleeps, I normally blog.

4:45-5:30 - Play.

5:30 - Dinnertime for Cooper and I.

6:00-7:00 - Take a walk, play, hangout with family.

7:00 - Bath time.

7:30 - Rock and nurse Cooper, put him in his bed.

I can't encourage a schedule enough.  The wonderful thing about our schedule is that Cooper is pretty flexible.  He can fall asleep in his carseat on the go, he can stay up later if needed, he can sleep in his pack and play, etc.

I'm always interested in when other babies go to sleep, what time does yours? How old is he/she?

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  1. completely agree about keeping a schedule...makes life so much easier for everyone. just wanted to tell you that you do a great job of documenting cooper and all his special moments. the pictures from the last post are so sweet. love the bundled up picture in the carseat, but especially loved the laundromat picture. great job enjoying and capturing the moments!