Thursday, April 4, 2013

38 Weeks + 4 Days

Today is a big and important day. 
Today you are 38 weeks + 4 days old.
After today you will have been growing outside of my belly longer than you did inside of me.
I can't believe we are already here.

I grew you for 38 weeks + 4 days inside of me.  
I grew you 8 pounds 2.6 ounces big in my belly.

I am sad.

There is beauty though:
I am still responsible for growing you.
I am growing you with my body.
I am nourishing you with my body.
When you are done nursing I will continue to help you grow.
It will just be in a different way.

I will encourage you.
I will teach you.
I will love you fiercely.
I will prepare healthy meals for you.
I will be active with you.
I will make sure you get enough sleep.
I will take you to the doctors and dentist.

You will keep growing and I will be partially responsible for it.  It all means that you are slowly slipping away from me though and that is hard to accept.

While pregnant you completely depended on me.
After being born you have mostly depended on me.
When you are done nursing you will depend even less on me.
As you grow you will need me, but you will need others too.

I am here.  
I will help you as you grow as much as you will let me.

I love you, big boy!

Only minutes old.

38 weeks + 4 days old.


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  1. What a special day, indeed!! You are doing such a wonderful job of growing this beautiful boy, Mama! Keep it up!