Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I try to keep Coopers style fresh + modern most days. Some days I'm obsessed with him in smocked boutique clothing, but mostly, it's random cuteness from where ever I can find it (which is HARD because stylish boy clothes? impossible to find!). 


hello apparel, zara, and freshly picked! 


Cooper is officially a tornado wrecking havoc on my house.  He leaves a trail wherever his speedy little crawling will take him and it's really quite funny.... except for when he unrolls a new whole roll of toilet paper in .25 seconds and then decides to quickly shove pieces into his mouth before you can even realize what he's doing.  He's unrolled too many rolls of toilet paper for my liking in the past three days so now the bathroom doors stay shut.  Not sure why it took me three days to figure out that solution, probably the fact that my braincells never came back after delivery. Motherhood! 


  1. He is adorable! And totally melts my heart on Instagram. You're an amazing Mother!

  2. Finding boy clothes has always been terrible for me, too! But Some of the girl clothes are dreadful...I mean who wants their 2 year old looking like a street walker! So I guess it evens out...? I don't know, but he is adorable!