Friday, April 26, 2013


Dear Single Mama,

This letter is for you.  I'm writing to tell you that I am proud of you today; today and everyday.  I wanted you to know that what you're doing is hard and is admirable.  You should know that it takes a strong person to succeed like you are and that it is okay to feel like you don't have it all together all the time.  I have some advice for you, single mama.  From my experience, it is good to cry and I think you should allow yourself to do so.  You can cry because your baby's tooth still hasn't popped through and that it is wrecking havoc on his sleep, your sleep, and life in general.  You can cry because you couldn't have ever imagined that you life would go this way.  You can cry because you can cry, there doesn't have to be a reason.  I have another piece of advice for you too, single mama.  Tell yourself that you are happy each and every day.  I know you are happy to have your baby.  I know you are happy to be alive and to have good health.  Consciously remind yourself of those things, they will make your happiness trump your unhappiness.  I am here to tell you that I am sympathizing with you.  I can tell you in complete confidence that I know how you feel, I have been through the stages of grief, I have felt the hurt that you have, and that we are in this together.  We, women in general, and single mama's more so, are in this together.  We don't need to put each other down, we need to build each other up.  I won't criticize you for your outdated clothes or for the fact that your fingernail polish is always chipped.  I know that you are putting your child before yourself.  I won't judge your house because the laundry is never caught up and the sink is full of dishes more often than not.  I know that you are spending your time teaching your baby about life and going on adventures together.  I won't neglect our friendship because you can rarely hangout or talk on the phone anymore.  I know that being a single mama means that you have very little day-to-day help and that your baby is all-consuming.  I know.

Single mama, you have the toughest job.  A couple blessed with a baby are given a tough job, some would say the toughest.  That couple is responsible for keeping this child alive, raising him to be respectful, raising him to be inherently good, teaching him the Lords Word, and so much more.  They are doing it together, they are both doing research, they are putting their brains together, they are using both of their past experiences, they are combining values, they have each other to vent to, they have each other to lean on, they have each other to help recharge at the end of the day.  Single mama, you are doing this all by yourself.

I commend you, single mama.  Keep on being the most important person in your baby's life.  Keep your head up and remind yourself daily that you won't always be doing it alone.  You are a rock star.


A Fellow Single Mama


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  1. Beautiful, beautiful post Lib. You are so strong, and I know these words will bring comfort to others in your shoes! Keep rockin those shoes, girl!