Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dear Cooper // 43 Weeks // 10 Months Old


You're ten months old.  It seems like just yesterday you were turning one month old.  Our best friend Angelika was here meeting and visiting you from New Hampshire and I was holding back tears because it has just gone by too quickly.  I remember thinking on that day, your one month birthday, that I really hadn't prepared myself for the emotions that would come as a result of time.  I knew your sweetness would melt my heart and your cuteness would kill me dead, but time, that's a whole nether ballgame.  It's completely out of our control and it passes so quickly.


With two teeth and two more arriving shortly we have started exploring more foods and you have started biting me! I say "ouch!" when you do and you smile at me so big and proud.  If it wasn't so cute I could be a little more stern with you, but typically I'm laughing by the time I get "no! no!" out.

The weather has finally started to cooperate and we have been taking a lot of walks, visiting the park or nanny's swing set daily, and having little picnics in the yard on blankets.  You are the happiest outside, as you've always been, so I love to keep you out as much as I can!

You're standing for a minute at a time or more, falling face first when trying to take a step, tearing my books off the bookcase 124940 times a day, opening books and talking to the pages, banging my little metal owls together each morning, playing peek a boo like its going out of style, demanding "eat!" shortly after waking up, following me around with your quick crawl like a little puppy, giving baby dolls and - anyone that will ask - kisses, standing up in the bath and getting told to "sit down right now Cooper"and listening!, napping like a champ (hello longest nap to date at two hours and forty-five minutes!), drinking out of a straw so good, being obsessed with toilet paper (still), clapping when I say "yay!" or "good job!", being found behind doors on an hourly basis playing with the spring door jams, getting excited with I open the dishwasher or refrigerator, going to bed at 7pm sharp, and mimicking my tons and expressions which I love so much!

You weigh less than 17.5 pounds, you were size 3 diapers, you wear size 6 month shorts, size 6-9 month shirts, size 9-12 month jammies, and your feet are still tiny (size 2's are way too big!).  

I experience proud-mom-moments several times a day.  I can't explain the love I have for you, it feels like something that couldn't have possibly ever existed until right now, how can we all be feeling this for our kids and loved ones? I have specific prayers for you this week, I pray that you will feel love so deep in your core, I pray that you will transition easily when the (inevitable) next stage of our life/this process hits up, and I pray that you will be kept first in everyone's hearts and minds as everything unfolds.

I love you more than ever.



  1. Those eyelashes! He is so beautiful! It is bittersweet to watch them grow up and out of babyhood, but you freeze time a little bit forever with every click. And your pictures are great!

  2. He is so handsome!! My daughter is about to be ten months and I totally get how time flies!!! But it gtd better all the time! :)