Friday, May 24, 2013

Dear Cooper // 44 weeks

Hi Buddy!

We'll make this one short and sweet, not too much has changed since last week except that your third tooth has popped through! It is your top right tooth so now you have two top teeth and your bottom left tooth! I still haven't gotten used to you having teeth, it's really cute though and I'm sure I will soon.

You're eating a lot of yogurt, playing a lot, sleeping great, giving me a lot of kisses, hugging me, trying to stand up in the bath 1794 each bath time but will sit when I tell you to, "reading" your books, pulling my giraffe over 18294 times a day, and following me around like it's your job.

This week you feel asleep in my arms while sitting on the couch and it was a rare and cherished moment.  You only slept for about twenty minutes but I loved every one of them because you never sleep on me, ever! I love how great you sleep in your bed but I sure do miss the sleeping weight of you in my arms.

You're the very best, the smartest, the most handsome.

I love you more than ever.


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