Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dear Cooper // 45 Weeks

you're really almost a year old. insert freak out moment here.  time is flying. i know i say that too often.

my baby boy! you won't be a baby for too much longer.  i cry about that fact way too often.  you as only days old seems like a different life time.

it was a big week for you! i took you to the alanta zoo with nanny and payton and we went strawberry picking with nanny, payton, and aunt ally.  you really enjoyed the zoo despite being way overtired and same goes for the strawberry picking.  you were completely fascinated by the giraffes and i'm thinking that it might become your favorite animal, just like it is mine.  you looked delicious with strawberry juices all over your face and really enjoyed being outside.

we also did some babysitting and had a pool day with ally, payton and some friends! you are my little fish and really enjoy the water.  i'm a little biased but you sure do look cute in your swimming gear.

you're trying to crawl quicker these days and have resorted to sticking your right foot out and lunging yourself forward while you crawl with your left leg and hands.  it's really funny and i should probably capture it on video.

i can't get enough of your toothy grin.  i had to defend you to a two year old that said you would "just be an ugly baby forever because you aint got no teef." excuse you miss but he has THREE teeth, thankyouverymuch. i was actually dying laughing because she was an adorable little girl.

you turned forty six weeks old on sunday, this is a big week for you too but i'll save it for your next post.

i love you more than ever cooper james.


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