Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dear Cooper // Week 41

My Perfect Boy!

It's weird to think that my weekly letters to you (on the blog, anyway) won't be around much longer.  You will be one year so soon and then I think I will start with monthly letters/updates instead.

You have had my head spinning lately! Between your bottom tooth FINALLY popping through, your top one almost popping through, learning how to stand for extended periods of time, picking up speed with your crawling, newly needing to always have a sippy with water on hand, newly needing to keep snacks on hand, and some serious sleep regression you have me wore out!

I'm loving it though.  Or most of it.

You have got the big boy status going on for sure.  You're finally getting out from directly under my feet a little bit and checking out this little apartment of ours on your own.  I shut the appropriate doors, keep the walkways baby proofed, and let you explore (staying close behind you of course!).

You're saying "boo!", giving lots of kisses, making the kiss face/noise, laying your head on me at random times to be sweet, knowing exactly what I mean when I say "want to eat?", trying to say "eat", clapping, dancing, and being the very best thing in my life, as always.

I love you so, little boy.  More than ever, of course.



  1. Look at that tooth! Cooper has some very tough gums. Looks like it just won't give to the tooth. Ouch! Hang in there. Your "single mom" letter was touching. I have the greatest respect for you. My mom did it on her own. There will be nothing stronger than the bond between you and Cooper.