Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dear Cooper // Week 42


Two, almost three teeth! Stander of the best standers! Quickest crawler around! Jumping fool! Daredevil! Best kiss giver! My boy!

You've been a little under the weather.  All of these teeth coming in has knocked you, and coincidently, me, on our tails and we are ready for the teeth madness to end!  I can proudly say that although you've been having a rough time, we've gone one week now with only one nursing session each night which is very huge for you! I am perfectly fine with waking up to feed you once a night and will do it for as long as you need me to.  I know it is not because you are hungry, as surely by now you can get through the night, but I think that is because you miss me and need help getting back to sleep.  I am your mama, I miss you too, and I will gladly fill that need for you :)

You are becoming a better eater and we have ventured out and discovered that you like:
- organic vanilla yogurt
- Trader Joes guacamole
- cherry tomatos
- pickles
- lemons

You are still eating solids twice a day, breakfast and dinner, and also eating a few snacks each day too.

I took you to the doctor because I thought you might have an ear infection and your ears were declared the healthiest of healthy!  Dr. Doud was extremely impressed when he discovered that in all of your almost ten months of life you've never had an ear infection! Woohoo!

I miss your gummy smile like I knew I would, but that top tooth, oh boy do I love it!

I love YOU more than ever!


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  1. The camera loves Cooper, that is certain. I'm so glad those little teeth are coming through... but I agree, the gummy grins are so sweet. The tub picture is perfect! I just love it.