Monday, May 6, 2013



It was an honor to be asked by Susan of Freshly Picked to do a review of her infamous "moccs."  I have been salivating over these little moccasins since I first saw them, which was a long time ago (like just found out I was pregnant long time ago)and I am so happy to finally have a pair for my little guy.

Starting an Etsy shop has showed me the importance of supporting the hand-made community.  It is a large and loving community full of more creativity and awesomeness that you could ever imagine.


Onto the important stuff.  Susan is the kind of person you want to be friends with and I know this just by following her on instagram and twitter.  She is humble and an incredible inspiration, she is the business woman I want to be.  Her business is incredible, buy her moccs, really, just buy them.

The craftsmenship is phenom.  They are made with the best suede (or leather depending on which you choose) and have elastic around the foot entrance, which makes slipping them on a piece of cake. The fringe, well hello, fringe is SO in, and really makes these moccs unique and trendy as ever. 

We received these just as Cooper started crawling and now we are only weeks away from him walking. I am so happy knowing that his first steps will be in these little Red Rock Suede Moccs.  They will be going in my box of Coopers things to keep forever, I just know it. 

Now we have our eyes on THESE leather walnut ones! #moccsforever

Go and buy now and thank me later. Or rather, thank Susan.

You can see Cooper in his moccs here and here.

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  1. Those are sooo cute!! They look awesome on your little man :)