Monday, May 27, 2013

Strawberry Fields Forevvveeerrrr.

We went and picked strawberries and the whole time the line "Strawberry Fields Foreverrrr" was playing in my head, it was equal parts annoying and entertaining. Payton was covered in strawberry juices within one minute and kept us laughing by replying "no!" every time we asked her if she had been eating strawberries.  Cooper got awarded with an A+ for keeping his cool, given that we went during nap time, and I was proud (and more so, relieved).  When we asked Cooper if he had been eating strawberries, he just smiled, I'm not ready for him to start the no! thing yet.  

I got three+ pounds of strawberries, two of which will probably rot in my fridge, for $6.00 and found red pepper jelly. Win! 

I love summer time adventures.  

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  1. aww!! Yummy!! I love strawberries, especially strawberry desserts!!