Monday, May 20, 2013


Cooper is flailing about the living room floor right now.  I'm sitting on the couch trying to prepare an updated resume and finally write a blog post and he is distraught that I won't let him bang on my keyboard and rip my screen off. The kids got a tough life.

He slept for thirteen hours last night, only waking to each once at six a.m., so when he finally woke up at eight I was completely confident that he would be so happy this morning, I would have bet my right leg, even.  Thankfully I didn't because he smiled at me for two seconds and then started screaming "eat!" I fed him properly, he smiled a bit, tore some books off the bookshelf, and then started eating paper that he found.. where?  I took the paper from him and the flailing began.  He goes from rolling around on the floor to walking up and down the couch, wiping his boogers on me as he passes by.

I've tried playing on the floor with him, feeding him some more, letting him sit with me on the couch, reading him a book, and giving him a sippy cup but none of those are breaking my computer or eating paper so he isn't satisfied.

He has been positively delightful lately so this is to be expected, no ones perfect, right?

He's rubbing his eyes now, better go, NAP TIME! Which will be one of my three favorite times today (the others being second nap and bed time).

I love my kid.


  1. Ahh well I hope he wakes up from his nap in a shockingly good mood!! :)

  2. lol looks like some of my mornings!!