Saturday, May 25, 2013

what the 90's looked like on my parents

my mom is really quite hoppin'.  she boarded the facebook train a couple year ago and only embarrassed us daughters a minimum of thirty times before learning the ropes; we were proud, and then she heard about instagram and filters making pictures look professional so she downloaded the app and started taking pictures of her food and fingernail polish; it was cute.  throughout the past year she has migrated towards pictures of higher taste, like cooper and payton for instance and has picked up on things like #tbt and #circa90s. its endearing.  

moving on. 

yesterday she took #tbt to her facebook page and it was an absolute hit amongst her church and high school groupies. everyone was commenting about my dads "mr bubbles" shirt and my mom proudly added a comment saying "i was almost eight months pregnant in this picture!"  anyway, their's a lot to talk about in this picture, the hand on his leg, her nice tall white socks, the fact that my dad weighed 150 in this picture, my dads fanny pack, my dads trucker hat, their matching sunglasses, my dads shorts being shorter than my moms, the fact that my dad matched and my mom didn't, their crazy stylin' hair, okay i'll stop there.   this was in 1993 and i can't get over how dramatically different the style was just... oh wait, that was twenty years ago. 

my point is really just that old people as young people is cute. here they are now:


  1. Aaw, that's so sweet. =) I also got a big kick out of your dad's Mr. Bubbles shirt + fanny pack. =) ps - the picture from 40 weeks of Cooper sticking his tongue out is so great. Love it!

  2. I love your dad,s shirt and your mom is gorgeous!!

  3. how cute! i love seeing these type of pictures....i love the outfits! :)