Saturday, June 29, 2013

all of the fun

written the other day

more occasionally than occasionally i switch things up with cooper because it's fun, right? eating breakfast on the living room floor instead of in the high chair, fun!  dinner on a quilt at the park where we can eat and see the ducks at the same time, fun! no bath for two whole days, fun! squishing strawberries between your hands instead of eating them, fun!


this morning i decided not to go to school, i was playing hooky and this was going to be so fun for cooper.  i had let him stay up late last night to play with the big kids while babysitting (so much fun going on here) so he didn't get to sleep until 9:15pm, which meant that he would be sleeping until 9am if he was going to get his sleep fill.  except he didn't.  he woke up at 7, smiled at me, "heeey MA!", and then got real serious with his "eat!" demands.  he's keeping it together though so i guess 10 hours of sleep was enough? he kept his composure throughout the next 10 minutes so my fun idea to have breakfast in the living room with his favorite songs playing on my computer {wagon wheel, cups, etc.} was still a go.

i poured myself some cereal, fixed coopers yogurt {organic blueberry stoneyfields baby yogurt}, and we settled onto the floor to get this morning picnic started.  two second in and cooper had both of his fists in my cereal bowl AND half of his yogurt on the carpet.  what just happened?  and then he started screaming because... well none other reason then the fact that his yogurt was now all over the floor.

so basically we ended up back in the kitchen in our respectable spots next to each other, me at the table and him in the high chair, but i think cooper throughly enjoyed making a huge mess and watching me clean it up, so it was fun.

i took him swimming tonight too because what's more fun than a little impromptu pool time with aunt ally and the princess?


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  1. This gave me a laugh, as we attempted Saturday morning breakfast on the coffee table to watch cartoons. A good part of my morning was spent picking scrambled eggs out of the rug after that. =) At least we try to be fun, though. Points for that!