Wednesday, June 5, 2013


+ We're home from the beach, can I say it again? We're home from the beach! I am so happy to be home. I have always loved the beach.  Family vacations usually involved the ocean, even though we would spend more time at the hotel pool, and it's always been this fantasized dreamy place in my head.  But then I went to the beach with a baby as a single mom.  Needless to say, I don't ever plan to return to the beach again with Cooper unless my parents or my future husband person is coming with us.  I had several friends there with us but they all have their own kids and things to deal with, so although they were so much help, it was still really REALLY hard.  Cooper loved the sand so much that he was eating it, he took naps in my lap on the beach (!!!!), he loved the water, he got thrown completely off his schedule, we ate at really good places in both Santa Rosa Beach and Destin, and our good friends had a beautiful wedding.  It was successful because we survived. 

+ My Etsy shop reached its first milestone! I am so proud and excited.  I am planning a Facebook giveaway so be sure to "like" my page so you can enter! You can't get better than free, let's just say that.

+ To celebrate my success I called Coopers Nanny and declared that a pedicure was in order and that I needed her to play with my little guy so I could go, of course she obliged.  Can I just say that if I could afford to get a spa pedicure every other week my life would feel all unicorns, rainbows, and butterfly-y. 

+ I am behind on Coopers weekly updates.  Be on the lookout for two of those very soon.  Am I the only one in disbelief that he is almost ONE?

+ Each and every day I have a little cry about the impending doom of court and all things that.  It really sucks the life out of me sometimes but I'm keepin' ma head wayyy up.  Or trying to anyway.

+ I have to drive an hour each way to play tennis at school for a gym credit every weekday this month starting tomorrow and I am dreading it. 

+ Please send prayers, thoughts, and/or good juju my meme's way, she was diagnosed with CPOD and it is very serious. 


  1. I have to agree... taking a beach to the baby is the absolutely exhausting. But that is awesome that Cooper slept on your lap. What a good boy. =) Congrats on your milestone. Well done!

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