Thursday, June 27, 2013

Choosing Kindness + Today

I tried really hard choose kindness when I wrote my "Dear Anonymous Commenter" post.  I failed.

Protecting my parenting decisions is something I feel incredibly strong about.  I will defend each decision that I make and it will almost always be done with dignity.  Almost.  Sometimes, because I am not perfect, I react quickly and ungracefully.  Kindness is usually my natural response and doesn't require "choosing", per se, but sometimes I feel threatened, which leads to defensiveness.

I'm learning the tricky thing about blogging, like we all do eventually.  Telling the whole story takes a really long time, or isn't always appropriate, or doesn't always feel necessary, or.. or.. or... which leads to people speculating, assuming, and jabbing fingers. I know that it is best to let the haters hate and to move on, but sometimes it is really hard.  I know there is a positive side to blogging but lately I am seeing the negative side more than ever.  It is really click-y thing and people can be down right ugly.  I am an extremely sensitive person, so this is hard.

It's better to choose kindness if it isn't going to be your natural response or reaction.  It's better to make the conscience decision to build someone up instead of knocking them down. I know that I need to work on this because I am Coopers role model, but also because it is the right and best way to be.  So it is a new goal of mine to a minute before responding when my feelings are hurt.  I want to always choose kindness, not just most of the time.


Today Cooper is feeling significantly better and I am so grateful for it! He is taking his second nap of the day right now and has been sleeping for quite a bit longer than I thought he would so I guess we won't be making it to the post office until tomorrow!

My mom has been on the hunt for the perfect little table to get Cooper for his birthday (she got one for the Princess too and claims that they are the perfect gift because they will be used for the next 3-5 years at least!) and found one today on Amazon.  I am really excited thinking about Coopers little self sitting at his own little table like a big boy!

I convinced my sister to try Mellow Mushrooms Maui Wowie pizza and she is a big fan! If you haven't had it before, you should definitely try it! SO good!


I like to use this space to document not just Coopers life but mine too.  Triumphs and hard times deserve equal blog space in my eyes, they are each a part of my story, but to not be able to write without being attacked is not okay. I've never left a hurtful comment on a blog before.  It is just not me. I'm not sure what I'm going to do but I think I may have to change some things around here.


  1. I'm a silent reader who doesn't comment very often, but every time you share your life in your posts, I am sure to pray for you and that specific situation you've addressed. Continue to be authentic and to share your heart; this is your space, not the negative nancy's looking to start drama on the interwebs. Stay strong!

    1. Thank you for "showing your face"! I really really appreciate it and your prayers more than you know! I don't understand the drama starters!