Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dear Cooper // Week 49


i think it is fitting to make these last few weekly posts short and sweet, just like the weeks have been (minus the sweet part the past few days).  

i can't get enough of your cheeks, your laugh, or your two front teeth.  i can't give you enough kisses or tell you have much i love you enough.  i can't rock you enough or carry you around enough.  i can't get enough of you.

i am completely shocked that you're still not walking.  i really think you just don't want to.  you can take steps and walk between toys or furniture but when i say "come to mama!" you get on your hands and knees and barrel at me as quickly as you can.  i think you want to stay a baby just a little bit longer and i'm completely fine with that.

you're taking more of an interest in "boy toys" so poppy bought you a tonka truck and you love it.  it's so big you can fit in the back of it and be pushed around!  speaking of your size, i took you to the doctors this week because you weren't feeling good and they weighed you in at 18.2 ounces! my little peanut is growing so quickly! that puts you up a whole pound in one month.  

i think you're in a growth spurt on top of the sickness.  sleep, sleep, sleep little one.

i love you more than ever.


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