Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dear Cooper // Week 50

Hello Coopy Doo!

You are a screamy little thing these days, shouting orders and being overly excited. Whether happy or mad, you're screaming! You're eating me out of house and home with you "eat, eat, eat, eat, eat" demands and growing like... a weed.  Your vocabulary is ever-expanding and you're now saying pop (for poppy), tiger, yes (when asking if you would like to do something), ahhh-dee (ally), and more! I'm having a hard time keeping up because you're really good at repeating.  You can say "bye, bye" but have been able to for a few weeks now, not sure if I've mentioned that or not!

You seem to be down to eat most anything besides noodles of any kind and lettuce.  You don't like to have more than a tiny bit of food in your mouth and if you do you will either spit it our or make yourself gag!

You have been sick this week (still) but it transformed from a random fever and being overly-tired to be irritable with a runny nose and terrible cough.  We all have it and it's no fun!

We went swimming this week and you went to Stone Mountain for the first time!! You loved being outside on the lawn and watching the laser show! I was nervous about the fireworks but they didn't even faze you so I guess you'll be good to go on the 4th!

You're calling me "mama" more and more and I love it so much.  You will not let me out of your sight and more often than not need to be right under me or you're not close enough.  I'd say you're just a little attached ;)

I love you more than ever!



  1. Love those little MOCS! I'm waiting for some mocs I ordered during a sale to come, I love them on all these little babies :) His little facial expressions are so cute! watermelon!! yum :)

    1. What color did you order? You are going to DIE over them when you see them on your little one!! I'm obsessed!