Saturday, June 8, 2013


It probably comes as no surprise that a) I want Cooper to have the best first birthday party ever and b) broke isn't even the word for my economic state of being. So I've been Pinterest-ing it up to see what I can make myself and I think what I've come up with is going to be pretty great.

In celebration of Cooper being eleven months old today (!!!) my mom, niece, sister, Cooper, and I went and got Mexican for lunch and then headed to the next town over to load up on crafting and birthday supplies!  My sister threw an amazing party for Payton last year and graciously offered to help me with Coopers so I took her up on her offer and we dived in.

His party is going to be July 13th so I'll have a post up shortly after with the theme, DIY projects, pictures, and such.

To keep things cost effective I've decided to do these things:

+ Utilize Pinterest

+ Utilize all of the crafty people around me

+ Make Cooper's smash cake using Pinterest as my inspiration

+ Hand-make 90% of all decorations

+ Scour for Michael's coupons

+ I ordered his birthday outfit way ahead of time

+ Found a very talented, yet not quite established, photographer who is working at a much cheaper price then the very well established photographers

+ Making the food ourselves rather than catering (minus the cupcakes!)


We ended the night with a little trip to a small town called Shady Dale for a little rodeo fun with our best friends.  It was a good day.

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  1. I can't wait to see how your party turns out! I bet it's going to be soo cute!