Saturday, June 22, 2013

the day i wished bedtime was at 5.

most blogs make me feel like the writer has the perfect life.  they have babies that are always well behaved.  they are stay at home moms but always have money to do all the fun things in the world.  they are always dressed better than me.  wah, wah, wah, i know.  i'm just saying.  i think i'm on the other end of the spectrum though and it's probably pretty annoying to anyone who gives me the benefit of the doubt and reads past my lame titles. anyway.  it gets exciting, so read on?

today was probably the hardest day of parenting cooper that i have had thus far.  

as i've already whined about, cooper caught the virus and has been the unhappiest camper around.

the first day was absolutely pitiful.  high fever, whimpering, but no screaming, or even crying really.

yesterday there was a little fever but a few smiles, so we were on the mend!


seriously, though.  what happened?

no fever, a few smiles in the morning, non-stop crying and screaming at me the rest of the day.  he wouldn't let me out of his sight.  he wouldn't sit in his high chair to eat.  he didn't want to play.  he didn't want to be outside.  he didn't want to be rocked.  he didn't want a bath.  he didn't want to unravel toilet paper OR play with door jams.  extremely unusual.  

i never leave him except to go to school but i was close to trying to hire a babysitter with my food money for the week and going to float in the pool until after he was sound asleep. i think that sounds mean but guys, GUYS, this day was unreal. 

i should have known it would be like this because as soon as i rolled out of bed and put my bagel in the toaster i burnt my finger.  and then i cut my leg shaving which never happens.  what i want to know is what did i do to deserve this bad karma.  karma, i'm sorry. forgive me?

tomorrow can't possibly be worse.  so here's to tomorrow. 


  1. I always have a bad habbit of assuming everyone elses blogs that I read have the best life ever. That everything must be so easy for them. And because of this I start looking around me and questioning if what I have is good enough... I'm so stupid.
    I'm SO blessed with a wonderful baby and life. Things may be hard or not so pretty sometimes, but good grief, its life. I have to get over myself a lot.
    I also make the mistake of assuming other people are good moms because they seem that way at first glance. But I'm truly learning what a "good mom" is. It's being the best you can be for you baby, but realizing when you need a break. That you AREN'T perfect and being able to accept that. Moms that exhaust themselves at being "perfect" aren't going to take the time to truly invest into their child's life. And they are going to eventually burn out.
    I too had a bad day momma day the other day, after being puked on 4 times and one of those times all over my face, I began to wonder if I was going to loose it eventually. But gosh, all it took was for 5 seconds of my little Tobyn to cuddle up to me and give me a big hug to heal my frustrated heart.
    All that to say, thank you so much for your honesty. Its genuine, and hard to find. And its much appreciated from one mom to another.
    Keep strong.

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