Thursday, June 6, 2013

Things you don't know


I am in complete amazement that you have a little being in this world who is part you that you know so little about.  You don't know that he calls me "mom" and wanders around the house calling "mom!" until he finds me or gets upset and starts crying.  You don't know that he is thrilled by being scared/surprised.  You don't know that his favorite food is spinach, apples, and blueberries.  You don't know that he needs two wash-cloths when he takes a bath because he likes for both of us to hold one.  You don't know that right now he won't stand up when he wakes up from a nap or bed time like he used to, he just lays, kicks, and yells for me.  You don't know that he says "dog dog" now when he sees his doggy that he made at Build-A-Bear with Nanny, or that he even made a Build-A-Bear.  You don't know that his ears get extra waxy lately or that he is nearing the next size diaper.  You don't know that he can wink back at people now.  You don't know his nap times or his bed time.  You don't even know the basics.

Do you know that this is it? That he is only this little and precious today? That you can't get this time back?

Do you know that he doesn't know you? Or are you still in denial about that? That he sees you less than everyone else in his life and that it is solely your choice?

There's so many things.

You're a dead-beat.




  1. You go girl. Your little man is SO lucky to have you. So incredibly lucky.

  2. beautiful post! your a great mom to your boy. I just found your blog. so excited to read through some of the posts.

  3. I love how strong of a mom you are. You amaze me Olivia.

  4. I love how strong of a mom you are. You amaze me Olivia.