Tuesday, July 30, 2013


When your life is about to get real crazy and you know your sanity is going to be meager, you hop in the car with your mom and go on an eighteen hour drive that's twenty five hours with a baby to go visit family.   We had to stop six billion times, Cooper caught diarrhea, my mom woke up up for things like "look at the sunrise", "why is Cooper being so quiet?", "where is my charger?" I don't want to, he's sleeping, did you really just wake me up to ask me that? The answers really should have just been NO.  


We're already mostly through our trip but we've been really busy (lots of good blog material!) so it's been hard to post! And can we talk about the fact that I'm six sales away from one hundred LouLou Made sales! Guys, such a dream!! 

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