Thursday, July 25, 2013

Here's the Scoop {Review}

Dealing with textbooks doesn't have to look like this.  Oh, remind me to never cut my bangs like this again EVER AGAIN, thank you. 

Between starting college early to get ahead and then taking a semester off after having Cooper, I've been doing the college thing for a very (too long) time.  I'm definitely ready to be done, or more accurately, have been ready to be done, for as long as your eyeballs can see.  Wisdom comes with times though, so I'm here to share my tricks!

When I first started college at Georgia Perimeter renting textbooks wasn't a thing, you had to buy your books and it was going to cost you.  And it did.  You could sell your books by hanging a flier in the commons area, or listing them to EBay and Amazon but it was always a hassle.  When I started my sophomore year, textbook rental website started popping up and my wallet got really excited.  Through word of mouth I found out about Campus Book Rentals and have been using them ever since, which is four years and will be five by the time I graduate, which is a long time because technically I should have only used them for three and then graduated but.... baby.  You know. 

Here's the scoop, fellow college-goers, or friends of college-goers, or family of college-goers, or, or, or:

+ We all want to save money.  When you're living on a student loan budget, you definitely need to save money where you can.  Plus, more money saved on textbooks = more money that can be spent downtown, right? (Or more money to go towards diapers) Logic.  Choosing to rent your textbooks with Campus Book Rentals means saving 40-90% off of bookstore prices and saving money on shipping because it's free shipping both ways!

+ The fun doesn't stop there though.  With Campus Book Rentals you have flexible renting periods, you can highlight in your textbooks, you can choose to purchase your textbook at the end of the rental period by simply paying the difference, you have 21 days from your purchase date to return your textbook for a full return should you choose to drop the class, and most importantly, a portion of your money spent goes to a wonderful cause Operation Smile.

+ Operation Smile says what they are all about best "At Operation Smile, we're more than a charity. More than an NGO. We're a mobilized force of medical professionals and caring hearts who provide safe, effective reconstructive surgery and related medical care for children born with facial deformities such as cleft lip and cleft palate. " And "Since 1982, Operation Smile — through the help of dedicated medical volunteers — has provided more than 3.5 million comprehensive patient evaluations and over 200,000 free surgeries for children and young adults born with facial deformities. Our work creates a lasting global impact. We train local doctors in developing countries and strengthen healthcare systems so more children in some of the poorest areas in the world can be treated."  How amazing is that? 

Campus Book Rentals is creating movements, not following them! They have recently started a new program called "Rentback" where students who own their textbooks can rent them out to other students rather than selling them back to the bookstore! What this means for those students is that they are making 2-4 times as much money as they would have had they chose to sell them back to the bookstore.  Coolio.  

Disclaimer: This review was sponsored by Campus Book Rentals but all thoughts are 100% mine.  If they hadn't saved me hundreds of dollars in the past years and been so great to use, I wouldn't be writing this post! 

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