Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lettin' Loose

i'm a little bit of a nazi when it comes to cooper (surprise!).  don't put that in his mouth, he can't have that, organic, organic, he can only have this kind, some of this, not too much of that.  you know, normal over-the-top probably unnecessary stuff.  we're breakin' the rules a little bit this trip around though. 

in our town there are zero bagel shops.  we have a d & d and that's it.  as much as i love a little dunkin's every now and then, their bagels have nothing on my hometowns.  we arrived here at 3am last thursday morning and after a few hours rest we were off to bagel works.  cooper is a bread connoisseur so i knew he would be crazy about this particular breakfast.  and he was.  except he gets to eat bread fairly often and never gets to drink anything except water and breast milk so you can imagine his delight in freshly squeezed oj.  he took the cup from me and was walking around like the big boy that he is now.  there is so little baby left.  i predict another oj or two before we head back home.  i love to see this boy happy.

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