Saturday, July 6, 2013

Stone Mountain

It's really the craziest thing.  You're driving through Snellville, buildings and highways everywhere, and then you see a huge rock and you're at Stone Mountain.  The Mountain that can't truly be a mountain.

I've been several times in the past with friends and family but Cooper had never been so last weekend we got a little group together and went despite the rain that wouldn't stop falling (common theme for the past month).  Unlike all of the smart people at Stone Mountain we did not bring a tarp to lay under our blankets on the big lawn, so despite the six blankets that we had piled on top of each other we all had wet butts.  Well worth it though.  And I'll say the same about the $4 tiny twist icecream cone I bought too.

The laser show didn't start until 9:30 which is two hours past Coopers bed time so I was nervous about how he was going to do, he did great though!  He loves being outside so I should have known that he'd do fine.  He just laid in my lap (very rare moment) and watched the show and then when they did fireworks at the end he clapped and clapped and clapped with excitement!

It's good to get out and do things, it's even better to have good friends to do them with.

Happy Saturday! Cooper turns ONE in TWO days! AH!

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