Monday, July 1, 2013

The countdown is on

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Now onto the important stuff!

Cooper turns O N E in exactly one week, so let's make this week all about him, and him, and him.  

See how little and tiny? 12 days old here! 

I'm all about reminiscing and being overly sensitive and emotional so let's talk about the first few months of Coopers life.  Truth be told, I barely remember them because of how absolutely insane they were.  On top of being a new mom, I was in a crappy relationship and Cooper had colic so... good times around the clock.  Thankfully the crappy relationship ended up ending... as you know... and the colic went away exactly two days before Cooper turned four months old, so we survived.. as you can see!

So, the first few months.  

I'm sure his one year old post will have all of the really deep and good stuff but for now: From the day Cooper was born he was high maintenance.  He had colic and was unhappy unless I was standing on my feet bouncing him or sitting on the couch nursing him.  I spent four months doing nothing but bouncing him to sleep, standing up with him to keep him happy, or sitting on the couch nursing him and watching Netflix.  We went out but not for long because Cooper hated the carseat.  I used to dread putting him in his carseat because of the way he reacted... did somebody die? He would smile all. the. time. but he would cry all. the. time. too.  He wouldn't sleep anywhere but in my arms unless it was going to be a five minute cat nap.  I have pictures of him sleeping in his bouncer or in the swing but they are only to fool my memory because this child never took a good nap in them.  He was saying "hey" and rolling over by 2.5 months and it was only slightly alarming.  He's always been a peanut from the week after he was born.  I have no idea why he was born so big given how small he has been ever since. 

Like I said, it's all a blur.  I just remember not being able to ever eat a meal without him in my arms so we mostly ate on the living room floor.  

I'll write about the next few months tomorrow.  The months when life dramatically changed for the good and the bad.  Cooper dropped the colic, he started sleeping in his bed, he got on a solid schedule, his father left us, etc.  

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