Monday, August 26, 2013

First Birthday Party (finally!)

Better late than never!

Nothing crazy.  Nothing over-the-top.  
Everything intimate.  Everything colorful.  Everything Cooper.

Hamburgers, hot dogs, gold fish, fruit kabobs, punch, and cupcakes.  The best cupcakes.  

A smash cake fit for my king.

Hugest mom-fail for not getting a picture of Cooper right when he got changed into his party outfit.  He was so cute.  It took all of 2.5 seconds for him to get big red stains all over his white shirt.  I didn't care though, my boy was happy, happy! There were a lot of people missing from his party that supposedly love him (his father being one of them), I had one goal for the day: let this boy know that he is LOVED.  

It was a success.


  1. looks like a wonderful day!!Happy Birthday to Cooper!!

  2. What a lovely party for such a special young man! Looks like he thoroughly enjoyed his big day. =) Happy returns, Cooper!