Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cooper Wears v. 2

the weather here has been outrageous, in fact, in all of the history that has been kept since keeping history, this hasn't happened.  cold, cold i tell you, for the middle of august, the supposedly hottest month in georgia.  we're not really complaining because there are a few left over fall clothes from last year that didn't fit but won't quite make it to this fall that needed wearing.  the temps are on the up and up again though, so back to shorts we will go but hopefully not for long because coopers fall wardrobe is slowly arriving and to say i'm excited would be putting it lightly.  i'm slightly obsessed with dressing my kid, he's so cute.  on this particular day we were out thrifting, it was rainy and gross but our little apartment is starving for some particular things that i was hoping to find, it didn't happen but i'm not giving up.  we resorted to firehouse subs for lunch which was the perfect idea because their brownies... have you had their brownies? we gobbled ours up before our sandwich even arrived.  so good.  

what you see here: tank: zara baby pants: zara baby, shoes: zara baby, cardigan: baby gap


  1. I feel you, girl! I'm in NC and we've been stunned at how fall-like the temps have been. Seems to be warming up though. Love your cutie's clothes and your Hunters!

  2. LOVEEEE your blog just as much as day one!!! You are amazing!! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award (check my blog for details)! Hope you post too!!

  3. he's so cute and your child is so fashionable :)

  4. Stinkin Cute! Love the shoes. Newest follower via farmer and the bell.