Thursday, August 29, 2013

Farmer and The Bell // LouLou Made Giveaway

Normally I wouldn't do a shout out to an awesome blogger in the form of a whole post BUT this gal is worthy of just that!

Are you reading Farmer and The Bell? If not, you need to be right now.  You know those blogs that you check in on, on the daily? The kind where blogger is hilarious, has the cutest baby girl, and basically just makes you feel like you want to become her BFF stat? The kind you wish blogged way more often than they do because you love her writing? Yeah this is one of them.

She does awesome things like run miles and miles while pushing a stroller, regularly! Sets weekly goals and mostly keeps them, has a serious addiction to popcorn, and a very handsome farmer husband... because that can be used as a "selling" point, right? RIGHT! 

I have a LouLou Made giveaway going on over there that you can find HERE!  If you are having a baby, know someone having a baby, need a new couch throw pillow, or just like winning things you should probably head over there, enter the giveaway, and then spend the rest of your day catching up on her blog like I did the first day I stumbled on it! 

Thanks for hosting the giveaway Karli! You da bomb! 

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