Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall! And Holidays! And Whoo!

i'm really excited about fall being almost here!  once those leaves start turning life just feels better.  this years holidays are going to be dramatically different from last years on several different levels but i'm bound and determined to make them nothing short of off the dang chain.

i've already placed my order for coopers halloween, fall/thanksgiving, and christmas shirts (few things get me as excited as dressing cooper for holidays does!), i've been scouring pinterest for fall gardland ideas, and the rodeo comes to town next weekend.  hip hip!

fall food, fall clothes, fall weather.  this is going to be a really good season.

today feels optimistic.  i walked out the door in a tank top and was cold, i should have put a sweater, but i love this in between weather.

i can't wait to see cooper in his halloween costume! i can't wait to go christmas shopping for him! i can't wait to fill his little belly with turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce!  i can't wait to see him get excited over seeing 100's of pumpkins and letting him pick out his own!

i'm sad that we only got one christmas as a family baking cookies and decorating our tree but this year will still be good, i can imagine i'll be putting up the ornaments and cooper will be tearing them off!  we only got one halloween as a family, and one thanksgiving too.  it's okay.  it's okay.  we are going to be okay.

my dads birthday is next weekend and he is so excited for us all to go to the rodeo.  cooper loves animals with a love thats greater than love so it's going to be pretty awesome watching him take it all in.  we went to a rodeo a few months ago but he wasn't even half as interested in animals as he is now.

when he says horse it comes out as "ass!" so i'm sure there will be some good laughs.

now, to pull out the crock pot, start decorating, and spend every possible free minute outside.

OH, new and exciting things coming to LouLou Made SOON! WHOO! it's going to be really rad. 


  1. Yay, this post got me excited about fall too! Holiday season is the best when you can celebrate all the goodness with a little one. Great post... and a great reminder to go get Halloween costumes!

  2. Fall has arrived here in Kentucky too. I actually made a crockpot full of chili the other day and it was so nice!

  3. Just found your blog through the breastfeeding diaries! Your son is SO cute! He reminds me a lot of my son (who turns one today actually!). Happy to be following along! -Andrea