Friday, September 27, 2013

Five On Friday

i haven't been into link-ups lately but this seems to be a pretty dang good one, so here we go!

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my best friends sprinkle shower tomorrow afternoon and I still have SO much to do.  Can I get a few more hours in today? This is the theme I am loosely going with!

+ 2

my wish list is always the largest when i have the least money, funny how that works.  coopers needs are just about completely met as far as clothes, shoes, and all other little things for the fall so that's a big relief! it allows me to focus on my wants more, you know.  kidding.  right now i want business related fun stuff: a serger, a label maker/printer, a more heavy duty sewing machine, and an ipad.  an ipad would really help with business things on the go, riiight? right.

+ 3

i have very few things on my walls (still) and really need to change that.  i'm working with little funds but i think they will eventually look good.  i'm going to start small with my bathroom and right now i'm leaning towards purchasing some of the prints this etsy shop sells. it should be a good starting point!  i've been working really hard on reminding myself that i'm in control of my feelings, so some fun and positive prints to read each morning while i'm getting ready will be faaaabulous.

+ 4

i love everything about fall (and eating) so i'm really excited to make some yummy pumpkin treats, like these donuts for example!

+ 5

i so feel like this lately:

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