Wednesday, September 4, 2013

shake shack i love you

when trying to decide where we were going to stop for the day/night on our way back to georgia from new hampshire i remembered hearing that there was a shake shack in d.c. and while that might not seem like reason enough to stop there, i also had never seen the white house so we just went with that as our reasoning (but we all know the truth).  it lived up to all of the high hopes i had for it and more, i mean, every worker there showered cooper with attention and one even gave us a free organic shake shack onesie.  i can't wait to go back.  the white house was okay.  kidding, that's for another post, we saw all the sights and walked our feet off and had a great time.

if i could figure out a way to get shake shack in my kitchen on the regular or even just in my town, i would feel like all was right with the world.  i used to think that five guys was where it was at but... no.

so really this is all just to say that if you live close to shake shack we can't be friends because i have a terrible case of the jealous.

the weeks half way over, hip hip!