Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dear Cooper // 15 Months

Cooper! Happy 15 months, bud!

Yesterday we were playing outside and you were about twenty feet away from me walking around in the grass, you like to pick up sticks and declare "steek!" and then pick up leaves and then pick up more steeks, anyway, you came running up to me (running is your new favorite thing) and put your hand in my face, much to my surprise you had a little tiny (weed) flower in your hand.  You picked me a flower and brought it to me.  You gave me your proud smile and then whispered "hi".  I'm beaming right now typing this, you are so sweet and I truly feel like I'm doing a good job with you.  I fail at many things in life but you are my greatest success.  

Another story because stories about you are the best kind.  I always call you "sweetie" and say things like "hi sweetie", "aww sweetie", or "come here sweetie."  You have started calling me and other random women sweetie and it is equal parts hilarious and the cutest thing ever.  A couple of days ago at the grocery store you were riding in the front of the buggy and leaned into me and said "aww sweetie" and then shortly after when we were checking out you looked at the cashier and said "hi sweetie!"

Tonight you noticed the moon and said "side! moon!" for just about thirty minutes straight.  You are putting two and sometimes even three words together now which makes understanding your wants and needs a million times easier.  I tried to count all of the words/phrases you're saying now and it's upwards of eighty, probably closer to a hundred! Amazing!

You like hummus, guacamole, all fruit, sandwiches, yogurt, waffles, bagels, cereal, and spaghetti the most right now.  You're still wearing a size 3 diaper and can wear both sizes 12 months and 18 months in pants and shirts.  Your feet are a size 4 and we finally have a doctors appointment set for November 5th, I am so anxious to see where you are at on the charts!

You love to sing, dance, clap your hands, mimic everything thing I say, be outside 24/7, carry around huge sticks, pick up a leaf for each hand, drink water, take baths, dump puzzles onto the floor, listen to music, and use everything as a pretend phone (you say "ello!").  Trucks, cars, and dirt are some serious hits with you right now as well.

My love for you is growing with leaps and bounds each day.  My heart is so full of you.

I love you more than ever.


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