Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hello October

Cooper has got a real zest for life lately.  He's throwing his hands up more and more and laughing at nothing at all.  He's got the sillies like it's his job and man, is he contagious or what?  The sticks, and the airplanes, and his animal crackers, and his shoes, and the leaves (still), and old macdonald had a farm, and everything everywhere really just gets him going.  

We hate life sometimes but mostly we love it, and I am loving it on a whole new level thanks to this almost 15 month old blondie and his love for living.  His tantrums (new thing) make me want to rip my (and his) hair out sometimes just so you know that I'm keeping it real.  It's not all of the sudden unicorns and rainbows (update to come) but October just feels good.  I have a good sense of something that says that ridiculously awesome things are to come, and who am I not to believe that sense of something?

Tomorrows Friday, praaaaaaaaise thaaaaa LAWD.

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