Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"hi pumpkin"

cooper puts two words together really great now, mostly it's things like "mommy pizza" or "pizza airplane" or even "doggy apple", but he's starting to make a little more sense.  our trip to the pumpkin patch kicked off our "hi....." thing we're doing right now so i heard "hi pumpkin" 156 times precisely.  our favorite things were the huge slide, the hay ride, and the (scarce amount of) animals they had.  

life is big, exciting, and full of nothing but happiness for cooper right now so it's really fun to let him experience things like this.  he gives me that "i can't believe i got so lucky to have you as my mom" look all the time (really, i couldn't disagree with him) and i eat it up.  he's also mostly all in for my million photos i must take so that makes him pretty cool too.   

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  1. Hi, Pumpkin! Love that he uses "pizza" in his conversations. How cute is that?! He looks so grown up (but still so tiny) in his cute big boy Nikes. =)