Monday, October 7, 2013

The Weekend

We all love a good weekend, don't we?

We barely stopped all weekend until we had to.  Had to as in Cooper giving me the side-eyes and then passing out in his carseat because "MA. I'm TIRED." It's not often that I let the sleep schedule go to the way-side and even less often, as in never, that Cooper gets cake twice in one day, but special occasions call for rule-breaking and if you don't believe in that then what kind of life are you living?

For over two years now my family has been meeting every Friday at Johnny's for lunch.  I'm notorious for trying to make everything into a tradition because traditions are awesome, so this is right up my things-that-make-me-happy alley, and that's how our great and busy weekend started off, lunch at Johnny's,  a slice of cheese for Cooper and a meatball sub for mama. 

We had a baby shower to attend for my best friend, a birthday party for my best friends daughter, family in from out of town to visit, dinner with Nanny and Poppy, and lots of time spent outside in the beautiful weather! 

Cooper and his "here ya go", "cool beans", "ALRIGHT!", "what's up" and many other new phrases are killing me dead.  I had no idea that almost fifteen month old babies were so awesome ;)

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  1. Oh, he is gettin' big!! Such a handsome little man. And agreed, sometimes you have to through the schedule out the window. =)