Tuesday, October 22, 2013


i do some terribly wrong things because, to i'm sure your absolute surprise, i am average.  or maybe even below average, who knows.

+ today i'm wearing leggings as pants AND to make it worse, i just recently shared this great thing on facebook about things woman should never do and this was one of them.  so basically i'm a hypocrite.

+ i'm a hypocrite.  it makes it even worse because i know i am but keep on keepin' on.

+ when cooper does things like whack me over the head with an empty water bottle (or his hand) i scold him with the hugest smile on my face and tears running down my face from holding back the laughter.  disciple is my strong point.

+ when asking cooper what he wanted for breakfast the other day he declared "pizzzzza".  we have eaten a lot of pizza lately.  i'm raising a little carb loving monster and i'm proud of it.

+ cooper still bathes in his baby bath.  he has a fear of the big bath and i am all about staying in your comfort zone for the most part so baby bath it is for the next few months, or years, whatev.

+ i decided to jump on the lipstick wearing train and bought a terrible shade of pink but i'm wearing it anyway and almost liking it. nuff said.

+ i judged a woman as a bad mom when i heard a story about what she did and really that's just wrong on a whole lotta levels.  we all make "poor" mothering decisions every one in awhile often.

+ i've been letting cooper eat his breakfast in the living room and now i have to vacuum every other day.  

+ cooper has had hair in his eyes for the past few weeks because i can't quite pull the trigger on getting his hair cut for my very own selfish reasons.

i do a lot of right things too.  maybe i'll list them out tomorrow.

sometimes a bunch of wrongs make a right, right????


  1. Pizza is always a good breakfast!

  2. I love the bink in the mouth, a bink in the hand, Cooper :) Smart boy!