Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dear Cooper // 16 Months

hi my best little buddy! here we are at 16 months old already.  goodness, time is flying and i am just loving this tender age with you so much. so, so very much.  let's jump right in!

my favorite things that you're saying:

+ "aww sweetie" or "hi sweetie" when i got in to get you from bed time
+ "hi moon!"
+ "ho, ho, ho!" (we're gearing up for christmas)
+ "pretty!"
+ "nigh nigh" (when you're ready for bed)
+ "hahah funny" when something makes you laugh
+ "mmmmm good!" when eating something you like
+ "hi libby" this sure did start young?

you never stop talking.  you repeat just about everything i say.  for example, in the car today i was talking on the phone and you were in the back seat playing, i was saying "i know, i know!" and you were right there with me saying "i knowww! i knowwww!"  at your checkup on the 5th of this month your doctor was so impressed by you! he said it is very rarely that he sees a baby who is not quite 16 months old talking as well as you do.  i'm not exaggerating when i say that you are saying well over 100 words regularly and in the correct context.

you know the sounds and say them on command to horse, pig, sheep, duck, frog, cow, pig, dog, cat, chicken, rooster, bird, fox (pow pow pow), and santa clause. you can identify all of those animals plus rhinos, giraffes, zebras, elephants, deer, and probably a few others that i'm not thinking of right now.  you can count to three.

you love m&m's and get them as "treats" pretty often.  they make you so happy which makes me so happy and lord knows i love to make you happy.  plus, what harm is 3 m&m's gonna do?

we've been busy in your 15th month going to the pumpkin patch, trick or treating, spending a lot of time at the park, babysitting your friends cameron and laney (camanny as you say), and hanging out with eric and harrison.

you've been to your dads seven times now and are doing better with each visit that you have.  i'm so proud of you for being brave and letting other people (new people) show you love.  it breaks my heart when you scream for me and i can't take you with me but you recover quickly when your daddy takes you to swing or pick tomatoes.

you love hot wheels, cars in general, tractors, books, puzzles, rocking, brushing your teeth, watching your hands (you stand at the sink and say "hands" when you want them washed), and dancing.

clothes 12-18 months, shoes 4.5, diapers 3 or 4

i'm forgetting so much but the main thing is that you're growing, learning, and changing so much and so quickly.  i am snapping pictures and jotting down notes because i don't want to forget anything but it's inevitable, i will and am forgetting because there is just so much.

i love you more than ever.



  1. He is so sweet. His vocabulary is amazing! My son is 14 months and still makes a bunch of incoherent babbles. :) They definitely grow so fast.

  2. I agree, great vocab for Mr. Cooper! Patrick is almost 2 and I'm struggling to understand half of what he is telling me. ;)