Wednesday, November 13, 2013

fake it, girl.

my first thought when i saw this picture was "hey, this life is pretty alright."  

when the photographer who was taking cooper and paytons pictures suggested that she take some of the two of us we both thought getting some pictures of us laughing would be nice and really show us being us.  well how exactly do you get laughing pictures if you're doing a shoot like this?  we resolved to fake laugh and we sounded so ridiculous that we started really laughing and that is when she snapped this.  one of the most special pictures i have to date.

having two sisters, a younger than me and super fun one and an older than me and full of good life advice one, is really the bees knees. 


OKAY, so i started this post last night and was feeling all sentimental and then literally as soon as i typed the last sentence this happened (ally is my younger sister): 

we're both moms, stay up way too late, and live just a matter of feet from one another but have to stay home because the babies are sleeping, you know.

oh and i won, obviously.  my creative juices flow wildly whenever i find something hilarious. 


  1. Haha those text pictures are hilarious! And like I told you on IG, I love that pic of you and your sister.

  2. Oh, these are so cute!! Makes me wish I had a sister. =)