Tuesday, November 12, 2013

happening // coming up // reading // pictures

my to do list is a mile long and my to want to do list is even longer than that but here we go, an update.

life is really fun right now and we've been really busy! just the other day i hit 200 LouLou Made sales and now i'm already at 213.  it's a little overwhelming and a lot exciting.

(i need to do coopers 16 month update because he's 16 months old now, can you believe it? i can't.)


cooper got his first hair cut! we've been spending lots of time at the park with eric and harrison! cooper and my niece had their pictures made! cooper can piece together three and four words consistently now! i rediscovered my intense love for cheesecake! eric and i hit the official one month mark yesterday! eric and i have been doing the ab ripper x from the p90X workout video and let's just say that it is ripping my abs, woo! i joined the gym a few weeks ago and i've feel in love with fitness all over again! i painted my fingernails black and i love it!

so much good.  it's fun to finally be where i've dreamed about being for a long time now.


i can't wait for thanksgiving, black friday shopping, christmas shopping for cooper, what's to come in the next months for eric and i, my sister and her boyfriend coming to georgia from new hampshire for christmas and bringing me their amazing mac desktop computer that i bought from them (SO EXCITED, this business just got real!), my best friend will be having her second daughter any day now, and the school semester is almost over!


i just finished The Selection and The Elite by Kiera Cass and i am so excited for the third book to come out in may 2014.  i highly recommend these books if you're looking for something entertaining to read.

i started on The Book Thief a few days ago and it is a little strange so far but i'm going to persevere.


oh and i totally caved and decorated for christmas and we're totally feeling the holiday spirit.  can home depot go ahead put their real trees out now please?


  1. I am so excited to be your newest follower!!! :) Your little man is too cute, and I also am DYING of excitement for Christmas. My daughter will be 16 months next week!!!!


  2. So happy to see you so happy! God is good.

  3. Love that picture of you and Eric, y'all clean up good :)